Geared Motors

Bevel Helical Geared Motor

Robust design
High reliability
Easy to maintenance
High quality of MOC
Low backlash
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Helical bevel geared motors are angular geared motors where the gear unit output shaft is rotated through 90° to the motor shaft. Helical bevel geared units can either have a solid or a hollow shaft.


  • Optimized gearing geometry and precise grinding create a smooth rolling of the tooth flanks involved in the engagement
  • Gear unit housings, covers, feet, flanges and motor casings are highly ribbed and securely connected to each other
  • One-piece, low-maintenance and compact IEC motor adapter for the assembly of standard IEC motors
  • Connection dimensions of shafts, feet and flanges are identical with those of the market standard
  • The ruggedly designed casing ensures maximum robustness under high load and failure-free operation

Broad Specification

  • Model: MK02 to MK07
  • Torque: 6 Nm to 9983 Nm
  • Power: 0.12 kW to 55 kW