Gear up to the next level

With Premium’s customised services, that suit all your business needs

Gear up to the next level

With Premium’s customised services, that suit all your business needs

One-Stop Solution for overhauling and reconditioning of gearboxes, geared motors and fluid couplings of any make. To enhance our aftermarket support, Premium Transmission, the leader in industrial gearboxes, geared motors and fluid couplings has officially inaugurated its dedicated Service Centres across India. We intend to provide a one-stop solution to all our valued customers through these state of the art service centres that focus on servicing, reconditioning and overhauling. We believe that Premium Care will set new benchmarks in service efficiency and will unfold immense potential for the customers we serve. Premium Care promises to improve the reliability of existing machines, thereby improving their overall equipment efficiency and enhance the life of the equipment. This helps to overcome capital budget constraints and also increases the resale value of ageing machines.

What Premium Care offers:

1. Speedy servicing and revival of industrial gearboxes, geared motors and fluid couplings of any make at the most competitive prices.
2. Design and manufacturing of internals of existing makes of products.
3. Optimum performance assured on the repaired products.
4. Premium’s experienced service team that works in partnership with customers in terms of inspection, diagnosis and servicing for planned maintenance or breakdown.
5. Warranty on our services and spares.

Why choose Premium Care?

For the past 6 decades, Premium Transmission offers engineering excellence and expertise in the fields of design and manufacturing custom-built gearboxes, geared motors, fluid couplings & lift machines for applications across the industry spectrum. We possess the technological know-how for gearboxes, geared motors and fluid couplings along with state of the art facilities for overhauling and reconditioning of these products , regardless of the make.

Our well – trained, highly experienced and committed teams have a thorough knowledge of the standards and specifications, with the right expertise of tools to address every aspect of refurbishment, right from diagnostic work to the final adjustments. With the correct knowledge of re-installation of components, we have proven the experience of critical application gearbox refurbishment, which allows us to repair almost anything, or do reverse engineering and remanufacture if required.

Quality Focus

Premium will diagnose and solve the most complex gearbox problems with detailed analysis right from the crux. Our highly trained experienced staff at Premium, closely looks at the maintenance practices and checks for inferior repairs. We also take into account the increased operational demands and any unforeseen environmental changes that the gearboxes might have gone through recently.

Protomac Premium Series gear oil:

Protomac Premium Series gear oils are extra high performance, micro pitting resistant gear oils with excellent load carrying and extreme pressure properties. Today’s modern generation gearboxes operate under severe conditions, have higher power densities and run at higher temperatures, at times leading to microscopic wear known as micro pitting. Protomac Premium Series gear oils are formulated to resist gear failures due to micro pitting. Protomac Premium Series gear oils are fortified with unique micro pitting resistant additives, Antioxidants and Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors.

Protomac Premium Series meets the following specifications:
1. DIN 51517 Part 3 , CLP
2. AGMA 9005-E02
3. U.S. STEEL 224
4. David Brown (S1.53.101)
5. Flender (Siemens)

  • Strong service network for repair to deliver high-quality services promptly

  • Repair and service of all types of industrial gearboxes regardless of manufacturer

  • Manufacturing of special and customized spare parts

  • High-quality manufacturing processes for geared parts

  • Qualified team of experts and service franchises to ensure 24X7 solutioning

Premium’s after-service

Our after-service team supervises the power transmissions of products with high responsibility and professionalism. We hold deep experience in manufacturing, servicing and repairing of industrial gearboxes.

See how we make a difference

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