Geared Motors

Co-axial Shaft Geared Motor

Robust design
High reliability
Easy to maintain
High quality of MOC
Low backlash
Co-axial Shaft


Helical gear units are co-axial units where the gear unit output shaft is in-line with the motor shaft. A solid shaft is always used as the output shaft.


  • High performance due to optimum design and use of components
  • Wide range of different housing and flange designs, as well as shaft options
  • Performance characteristics of the motors can be individually configured and are available as integral or IEC versions
  • Gear ratios from 2.8 to 215.26:1 in finely graduated steps

Broad Specification

  • Models: MIJR to MI09
  • Power: 0.12 kW to 90 kW
  • Torque: 2 Nm - 35913.8 Nm