Modular Helical

Modular casing for better performance
Low weight
Oil check indicator
Compact design
Splash lubrication for better performance
modular helical gear manufacturers


Modular helical is the most commonly used gear in transmissions. It generates a large amount of thrust and uses bearings to help support the thrust load.


  • Case hardened and profile ground steel gears with inclined tooth to transmit the torque between parallel / right angle shafts with minimum noise
  • Highly standard modular design
  • Units can be offered in horizontal or vertical mounting positions
  • Quality material ensures the product reliability
  • High strength
  • Compact dimension
  • Long-service life
  • Low noise
  • High efficiency

Broad Specification

  • Models: MH/MB 6-18
  • Ratio ratio: 1.25 – 450
  • Torque range (kNm): 6.5 – 175
  • Power rating (kW): Up to 4950